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People Dont Plan To Fail, They Fail to Plan

Average Medical Cost Examples:

   Knee Surgery $25,200
   Open Heart Surgery $125,200
   Stroke (non surgical care) $21,100
   Breast Cancer $23,800
   Kidney or Urinary Tract Stones $10,000
   Peptic Ulcer $14,400

*2006 procedures are for illustrative purposes only. Figures are not actual amounts for procedures or your procedures may be more or less than the illustrated averages.

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The rising cost of medical care is reflected upon increasing health insurance premiums. Making health insurance a top priority in order to prevent financial hardships or life style changes.
The health insurance system is quite complex and constantly changing in benefits, programs, and options.
We at Florida Health Quote part of CheckUp Financial Inc., are helping families, individuals and groups to connect with the programs that will secure their future and meet their current needs.

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